All About Me!


Hello! My name is Haley Thiele, and I am owner of S.T.A.R. Fitness. I have lived in Grimes for over ten years, and I have always had a love for fitness.  Finally, a few years ago, after feeling unfulfilled career-wise, I decided to get my personal trainer certification. Nine months later I passed the ACE personal trainer exam the first time I took it (thank goodness!). But I have also have an interest in nutrition.  So a few months later I jumped back into it and became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. With these two certifications, I am hoping to help others become healthier and meet their goals. My goal as a fitness expert is to make a difference in a person’s life by helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle.  


After receiving my certifications, I realized that it was time to come up with a name!  My family and I are big fans of the superhero world, so I knew it had to have something to do with that.  After thinking about it and putting a poll on Facebook, we came up with Superhero Training Academy Regime or S.T.A.R. Fitness.  I want to help others find the superhero within themselves.  Currently, I also work for Mercy Health and Fitness as an exercise instructor.  My current certifications are: Personal training, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Mat Pilates, and CPR/AED/First Aid. 


All my information for training, nutrition, and blogs come from the American Council of Exercise (ACE) or a research based journal.   I will create the workouts to fit your needs. I won’t make you do anything that you don’t like to do! I want the experience to be something you enjoy so that fitness and nutrition will become lifelong habits!  


Most Americans do not get enough daily exercise or enough nutrition in their diets. Most diets are full of empty calories, that will cause health problems such as heart disease and hypertension.

Did you know that adults lose up to 5 pounds of muscle mass each decade without resistance training?

Did you know that exercise is shown to decrease your risk of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension?

I can help in both areas of exercise and healthy eating. For more information, send me a message! Or email me at: